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Your Photo Restoration Professionals!  A Photo and Slide Scanning Service with the most Experience, Highest level of Quality and Customer Service at the lowest cost!   

Offer Extended!

Try us for free - send us up to 10 Photos or Slides, we'll email you the resulting scans!  You only pay for the shipping and handling to/from Digital Scan Solutions!

​If you try this free offer and then purchase follow on services before the end of the year, we will reduce your cost by 15%! 

10 Photos or Slides scanned for free, just pay shipping and handling ($5.00)!

The details:

  1. Photos must be loose (not attached to anything else), smallest size accepted will be 2" x 2.5" and largest 8.5" x 12".
  2. Photos will be scanned Front and Back creating two jpg image files at 600 D.P.I. with Color and Contrast correction applied 
  3. Slides must be in good condition.  They will be scanned at 4000 d.p.i. and Color and Contrast correction applied.
  4. Digital Scan Solutions requires the $5.00 fee paid via the button below prior to shipping your Photos and Slides to us.
  5. We will typically turn these around within 1 day of receipt.
  6. The scanned images will be emailed to you, the original photos and slides will be shipped back to you via UPS Ground service.
  7. Include with the Photos and Slides your return address, phone number and email address.
  8. This offer will be discontinued on November 30, 2016.
  9. We retain the right to refuse to scan any Photos and Slides that do not meet our guidelines.
  10. ​Ship to:  Digital Scan Solutions
                    3177 Latta Road # 110
                    Rochester, NY 14612-3092

Tel: +1 585-953-2051

1577 W Ridge Rd, Suite 115

Rochester, NY, 14615 United States

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