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1577 W Ridge Rd, Suite 115 (located in back of building, look for door with Suite 115)
Rochester, NY, 14615 United States

Hours M-F 8AM - 5PM Eastern, other by apt.
​Phone: +1.585 953 2051

Digital Scan Solutions
3177 Latta Road # 110
Rochester, NY 14612-3092

Tel: +1 585-953-2051              ​​

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​Ship your documents to Digital Scan Solutions (at your cost)                            Digital Scan Solutions                                                                 3177 Latta Road # 110                                                                  Rochester, NY 14612-3092

or if you’re in the Rochester, NY area bring them to our headquarters on West Ridge Road in Greece during  regular business hours:                                                                                                   Digital Scan Solutions                                                                 1577 Ridge Road West, Suite 115                                               Rochester, NY 14615

Scanned images will be written on JVC Archival DVD - the only DVD media to comply with stringent ISO/IEC10995 standards.

  1. Documents must be no smaller than 2" x 2.5" and not larger than 8.5" x 34", and must be loose, staples will be removed to scan the attached pages.
  2. Documents can be saved in pdf, searchable PDF, Single and multi-page TIFF, JPEG, RTF, and BMP.


Please call or write to Digital Scan Solutions for pricing information.

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