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Now that the calendar has turned to November, its time to think about those special gifts for the upcoming holidays!  Don't take your precious memories to the big box stores, they will ship them out to who knows where.  We can help you preserve and share those timeless memories found in prints, slides, albums, movie film and video tapes! How much fun will it be sitting around with your loved ones this coming holiday season and having some great laughs (and tears) reliving the past!  We're ready!     Just call us at (585) 953-2051 or email and we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities!

We will convert your Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm Movies to Archival DVD's or Thumb Drives/Hard Drives.

  • Film cleaned, inspected, splices fixed prior to scanning on very gentle scanner with no sprockets, pressure plate, claws or capstan, no physical contact with image area on film!
  • Color, contrast and stabilization improvements make film look like it was shot just yesterday
  • Dust and dirt marks removed along with grain reduction to produce a sharp and clean video
  • Full 2K Resolution (2048x1536)
  • Choose between Archival DVD or Thumb Drive (MP4)

Price - $.20/foot, minimum of 200'

​with Sound - $.40/foot

Movie Conversion Service

Digital Scan Solutions Movie Conversion Service versus Major “Big Box” Service