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Why you need Digital Scan Services 

Digital Scan Solutions

Your Photo Restoration Professionals!  A Photo and Slide Scanning Service with the most Experience, Highest level of Quality and Customer Service at the lowest cost!   

Photo Scanning Services

  1. Choose the appropriate print Scanning Service from the drop down selections below.
  2. Pay the $50 deposit (minimum order) at checkout.
  3. Ship your prints to Digital Scan Solutions (at your cost) :   Digital Scan Solutions

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           or if you’re in the Rochester, NY area bring them to our headquarters on West Ridge Road in Greece during  regular business                hours:                                                                                          Digital Scan Solutions
                                                                                                                 1577 Ridge Road West, Suite 115
                                                                                                                 Rochester, NY 14615

  1. We will count and review your prints, and then send you an email with the invoice for the scanning services you wish to purchase.  (If you wish to cancel the order, or if the order is not purchased within 10 business days of receiving your invoice, your prints will be returned to you without being scanned.  You will receive a refund for the deposit, less shipping and handling fees.)
  2. Once we hear that you want to go ahead we will then scan your prints. Upon completing the scanning of your prints, we will email you that your order has been completed and expect the invoice to be paid at this time.  Upon receipt of payment, we will ship via UPS Ground the original prints along with digital copies on a DVD or Thumb drive.
  3. Scanned images will be written on JVC Archival DVD - the only DVD media to comply with stringent ISO/IEC10995 standards.
  4. Prints must be no smaller than 2" x 2.5" and not larger than 8.5" x 34", and must be loose, and not attached to album or other pages.
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Digital Scan Solutions services enables you to preserve your cherished photographic Photos for generations to come. These cherished memories of yesteryear can now be shared on the social media sights of today!  We offer multiple ways of saving your photographic memories, from Archival Quality DVD’s, to Thumb drives, to upload to preservation sites in the cloud.  

​We professionally scan most formats of Prints,  the time is NOW as your prints will become a memory of the past if not preserved TODAY!  We will be honored to help you preserve your photographic memories.


1.       All prints are handled by our technicians wearing white cotton gloves.
2.       All prints, if separated into groupings, such as Summer 2000, Summer 2001, etc. will be scanned as a group, in order and  placed in separate folders on the DVD/Thumb drive with the name of the group.  Each group should have on its top an index card with the name of the group.
3.       All images will be saved as Jpeg images unless optional TIFF format is requested.
4.       All images are rotated right side up, red eye applied if applicable and color and contrast corrected.
5.       All scanned images are reviewed by a 2nd reviewer prior to shipping to you.      

Options for your Print Scanning Service

USB 8GB Thumb Drive  - $15                                             Images saved as TIFF - $50